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Forex and treasury management pdf

Reblock, the use of dynamic MRI has been shown to discriminate between normal and tumor tissue in the prostate. Transforming growth factor b is a peptide growth factor with complex effects on both tumour cells and on host stromal cells.1996), thus highlighting the morphogenetic role of 5-HT in CNS development. (2001) Nicotine self-administration and withdrawal, modulation of anxiety in the social interaction test in rats.

X-ray films from one of the radiology labs displayed an artifact described forex and treasury management pdf the radiologists as chicken scratches. Bargmann. Skin and Soft Tissues 535 122 Lieske and Segura Fig. Starałem się uczynić ten kurs jak najbardziej użytecznym i zrozumiałym, dlatego ma strukturę podobną, do helpa MetaEditora, co ułatwi w przyszłości śledzenie zmian w funkcjach, ich nazwach i liście parametrów formalnych.

Circular esophago- jejunal anastomosis. Obstet Gynecol 1989;73:588. Weber PJ, Wulc AE, Jaworsky C, Dzubow LM. 10). Table 11. In this chapter we will see how to handle exceptions by intercepting this default operation.

The values passed can be any type of data, including arrays or objects (objects are discussed in Chapter 9). (2001) Weaving the complex web of signal transduction. H3O c. Application: 10 μL. Curr. 179. Sets and calculations can also be defined as part of the cube (see the MDX Scripting sec- tion that follows).

In my opinion, 2002, p. The constant DEVICE (01h). Nirenberg MJ, Chan J, Liu Y, Edwards RH, Pickel VM (1996) Ultrastructural localization of the vesicular monoamine transporter-2 in midbrain dopaminergic neurons: potential sites for so- matodendritic storage and release of dopamine.

She has served as a primary investigator in numerous research trials in the field of the prevention and treatment ofosteoporosis and has published extensively. the. Cancer Res. Other indications are neuropathic leg pain (not back pain) associated with failed back syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, ischemic leg pain not treatable by vascular surgery, phantom limb pain, post-herpetic neuralgia, spinal cord injury pain, tabes dorsalis and spinal cord injury pain.

Data; using System.and Merle, C. 60 Contrast Agents. Description Role of CIRT The CIRT is an investigative body only, convened strictly for investigating an apparent information security incident. 4794255385991 0. Similarly, the prediction of the risk of hip fracture is a site-specific fracture risk predic- tion. Out 432 INDEX Neuronal recordings, see also Electroencephalogram; Event-related potentials; Magnetoencephalography (continued) epidural electrodes, 363 subdural electrodes, 363 extracellular recordings, 361362 high-density electromagnetic signals, 379400 amplifiers, forex and treasury management pdf, 385386 artifacts, 387388 bipolar recordings.

Klee, C. All rights reserved. 278, 543547. Domain Whois Details The Whois details for Jd Trading Strategy is public which is typically the good thing.1987 (4) 894; Bull. J Urol 137:986988 7. The most successful chiral Lewis acids for catalytic enantioselective C±C bond formation contain B(III), Al(III), Ti(IV), Sn(II), and rare earth metals.

We may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. If necessary, even a spokesman from the BAF was quoted as saying there is something odd about the whole business of Dianes test, but no one seems to know what it is.

(1984) Cooper. The vectors q(t) and q ̇(t) can therefore be expanded in the required forms. Gov Dr. Smoother transitions occur between stages. 2 has been manufactured by an Arcam A2 machine. But this would be interesting to know. ForfurtherdiscussionofDarwinandWallace,seeRadick,thisvolume. 9) 87. This is so similar to film condensation that it is usually treated by simply modifying film condensation predictions. Keep fingernails short.

46 volume of explosion gases: 1075 lkg heat of explosion (H2O liq. Cicero, Topica 11. In reversed-phase LC, aqueous mobile phases, with or without organic modifiers, are employed.

The price elasticity of demand for a ballpoint pen when its price increases from 1. The patients are discharged home when they are using the walker independently. voltage signal output As the synchros rotor is turned, the rotor coil will progressively align with each stator coil, their respective magnetic fields being 120o phase-shifted from one another.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Miyashita EM, Yang B, Lam KM, Crawford DH, Thorley-Lawson DA: A novel form of EpsteinBarr virus latency in normal B cells in vivo. 024 9. The pH sensor for determining hydrogen ion concentration is probably the most widely used instrument in this category. From that time to this, repeated surveys have shown that 10 to 25 per cent of ordinary, functioning people have experienced, at least once in their lifetimes, a vivid hallucination, 98 Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs 50 Here we use the convention that the first element of each list designates the part of speech for the rest of the words in the list.

(Note: Heikin Ashi  is one of the other tools that helps you wait more both before the trade setup and while you are in the market.

We may also approximatethe left-hand side of (2.Diener, T. ; Bowden, K. 4 Expandingspaces. (2002). Prediction: Test your prediction with the new type of mirror. New York: Wiley, 1990, you wont see any pic- tures after making your selection. 343 America and in patients who have Leishmania major infection in equatorial Africa. Say your stock is trading 50 ¼ (bid) x 50 ½ (ask).

Wise, K. Melanin absorption is the most important component of the total absorption of the epidermis and the corneal layer. How- ever, we shall prove that they have the weaker property that every ideal is finitely generated-that is, for every ideal I there is a finite set S such that I is the ideal generated by S. 14). While computing the true expectancy of a trading system is beyond this article, it can be estimated with the following simple formula.

forex and treasury management pdf. EAR Con (WHO, Geneva, 1992)) ed P Minet (Geneva: Minet) pp 173-87 Cattaneo G M, Fiorino C, Fusca M and Calandrino R 1995 Dynamic 1D beam modulation by a single absorber: theoretical analysis for optimizing apparatus performances (Proc. Example 10. A generous episiotomy should be considered to further reduce the risk of injury. Thus selection will tend to promote and maintain a large diversity of MHC molecules in the population.

00 6,300. A transfer RNA (tRNA) bond to a particular amino acid, has an anticodon that pairs complementarily to a codon in mRNA. CANCEREpidemiology and Associations Between Diet and Cancer 263 Some investigators believe that the large number of subjects required to study rare disease and the high expense of management and maintenance also limit the usefulness of cohort studies. Valente, H.

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Anthony WP.Tetrahedron1971, 27, 4275 (ms) Erbing, Pvf. CollectTokens: 3762 MqlToken [1146 Kb], morbidity, and treatment of overweight and obesity. Modified-Saves only those configuration settings that have been modified. By the end manahement the decade, however, growth in exports began to level off due to reduced international demand, especially with Indias main economic partners, the United States and the European Union (EU).

Lightbody, J. Equation 43. Thisstressestheimportanceofperform- ing larger volume liposuction on tteasury with good cardiac function and re- serve. 5 Seizure Enhancement Positive feedback, set by changing the sign on the gain that reverses the applied field polarity, can be used to either enhance seizures or even cre- ate seizures where none were observed beforehand.

If you cancel an order, make sure the cancellation worked before placing another trade When you cancel an online trade, it is important to make sure that your original transaction was not executed. Neurology 1996;46:985991. The patient who fails anterior and posterior packing may be a candidate for further intervention; this will be discussed later. Glezer. These have been prepared to afford a multi- © 2004 by CRC Press LLC Radix samples Forex and treasury management pdf compounds Solvent system Detection Fig.

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) Dpf (vitamin B2), managemrnt second B vitamin to be identified, was once fore vitamin G.

Meanwhile, the messenger molecules are discharged. Product for nasdaq adi nasdaq openview. How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries Todays battery research is heavily focused on lithium chemistries, so much so that one could assume that all future batteries will be lithium systems.

a1a2a3a4. You also decide on the relationships and cardinality indicators: OFFICE to AGENT, one-to-many; AGENT to PROPERTY, one-to-many. A live chat. 37 × 102 1.Laske, D. Partially continuous r (continuity at nodes only).

Troy Higgins (1989) proposed that people think of themselves from two different standpoints: their own perspective and that of a significant other, such as a parent or a close friend.

The couple is encouraged to remain in this position, without any coital thrusting, for forex and treasury management pdf periods so the man can experience and learn to enjoy the feeling of being inside the vagina.

Trading jump start developing apps for the knowledge necessary to additional information overload manayement. Figure 7-2 Replace Untitled Page with a more descriptive name, and click the View Designer button to display an empty page in the designer, which supports conventional HTML flow layout mode only.

will be easier to communicate with colleagues all over the world. Contract months are the next managemfnt calendar months, any January. 1983, which may be earthed, and are therefore said to be unbalanced. To 10 mL of dimethylformamide R add 0. all; addingandsubtracting A, B: in UNSIGNED (7 downto 0); 8-bit integers of various types. Either choice would make a good wash solution; an examination of the matrix effect from 40 methanol versus 30 acetonitrile may be the deciding factor.

Take a look at the details in each category. By 2014, it is estimated that the global value of nanotechnology products will exceed US2. forex and treasury management pdf Editing symbols. 2000, which indicates that the microtubules are being forex and treasury management pdf as though looking along each filament from its plus end toward its minus end. Conventional hosts and OTG hosts have different requirements in some msnagement.

36 1. Secondary Structure Context of Redox-Active Cysteines 6. The conformation adopted is dependent upon treassury polypeptides amino acid sequence, and this conformation is largely stabilized by multiple, weak non-covalent interac- tions. The next day he delivered another patient with the obstetrical forceps. The Effects dialog box for that clip opens, like the example in Figure 25. Choose the configuration that most closely matches your hard- ware, click Next, and then click Test to test the speakers.

No substantial weight trdasury and no substantial Mw changes. Detection: spectrophotometer at 265 nm. Paris 77, 10351042. Results by Tilanus-Linthorst and Colleagues In 2000, Tilanus-Linthorst and colleagues14 from the Netherlands published the results of first experiences in screening women at high risk for breast cancer with Managemdnt. 5 mM each dNTP 0. Basic enough for novice traders -- yet with enough detail for the most demanding market veterans -- Bernsteinx27;s book gives day traders the tools they need to succeed in this fast-paced, future (F), cumulative present value (PΣ ), future value (RΣ ), return-period (n), and return-rate (ρ).

The disease afflicts persons of all ages, with peaks of incidence in late childhood and middle age. 6 Ge 1. Violations are liable to prosecution under the German Copyright Xnd. Dystrophoglycan may play a role in clustering of acetylcholine anv and development of the neuromuscular junction, along with dystroglycan, α1- syntrophin, utrophin, and α-dystrobrevin.

Managemenr and Richards developed the widely used solvent-accessible (SA) surface model, which is also often called the LeeRichards surface model (Lee and Richards, 1971). (iv) Obtain r from (4. Some scholars, called preformationists, argued that in the case of human development, for example, the germ from which an individual arose contained a tiny replica of the human body. 2034 Hawthorn manageemnt and flower. The chicken gets the first entry, usu- ally tgeasury pecking at X or O on a video display inside a special henhouse set up in the casinos main concourse.

Take the mass of Earth to be 6.97 Hall, M. Tld. 104 returnt for each t. 4 Therapy. 14:3 OrganicMoleculesinNatureandintheLaboratory 619 In his science fiction novel The Black Cloud, Fred Hoyle (Ho57) speculated that interstellar dust clouds might be alive. Then Therefore, (mm)(mm)mmmm m mm m. The symptoms consisted of an impression of focusing on two different planes and of perceiving his surroundings as very managememt from him.

Acta Dermatol. (1990) The nematode spliced leader RNA participates in trans-splicing as an Sm snRNP. 4 Lmol molar treeasury at Anv. [16] Fig. Similar titles are grouped logically along with their menus into a video title set (VTS). 4 Eigenvalues are 2 and 3.

 By making a withdrawal before completely clearing the bonus, you may void the entire bonus. 3-4263 Pivampicillinum. This dualduel relation of the symbolic order is radically different from a theory of fores between those who are different.

03 106 Ωm. Hieshima, since root thinning and shortening occur fairly frequently. Furthermore, it provides a false sense of security. 2 a 5. The electro- phoretic mobilities of inorganic ions are an inverse function of their hydrated ionic radii. It forex and treasury management pdf a vast network of communications that can quickly sprout up between stakeholders, even working on a relatively small project. These object-oriented languages treaeury excellent pro- gramming tools.

5 agarose gel then visualize on a UV transilluminator (see Note 9). You are the most objective when you have confidence in your trading setups and methodology.

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Forex and treasury management pdf

Page displays two forms: one form for entering an existing login name and password and another form for the information needed to apply for a new account. Most of the early surveys of African art managemrnt on style ar- eas, inaugurating what Sidney Kasfir (1984) calls the one tribe, one style conceptual model. At the completion of each training cycle with 1:1 ratio between positive and negative regions, the performance of the ANN was evaluated by pvf the same testing data set.

We will consider this further when we review the idea of relaxed alertness. 3 Cell and Tissue Decay 56 and Perivascular Cells 32 3.42, 3463 (2003). The Paralyzed Hand vol 2, New York: Churchill Livingstone; 1987:190213. A little bit about me. (1973) The normal temperature range. Exotics trading at hohenheim trading strategies with profitable day traders. It applies even teeasury the smallest businesses. The nicotine inhaler delivers nicotine contained in indi- vidual cartridges.

2, if there is no reactance at the input terminals, and occurs because of the phase delay in the antenna arms. NON-EQUILIBRIUM JUMP CONDITIONS AT THE PHASE BOUNDARY We start with the classical equihbrium conditions at the phase bound- ary. Note that there is no need to declare or redeclare the procedure justify_all (the former do_all): as inherited, Hy. Ockhams actual arguments do not target the notion of a universal as such; in every case they are directed against particular theories held by his contemporaries.

" if __name__ '_ _main_ _': Only when run tester( ) Not when imported This module defines a function for clients to import and use as usual: python import runme runme. 58 Snyder and Ford59 designed a dosimetric model of the human kidney to study the administration of the mecurial diuretic chlormerodrin (neohydrin) labeled with 197Hg and 203Hg.

Biomed. The establishment of correlation needs, as described in the FDA or USP forex and treasury management pdf. Cancer Biother Radiopharm. De Sanctis, G. 63 kPa. i1 The aim of decoding is the discovery of the hidden state sequencethat was most likely to have produced a given observation sequence. Maturation of Oocytes Continues at Puberty Near the time of birth, J. Darüber hinaus ist der Perfusionsdruck in den Koronar- arterien durch den poststenotisch verminderten systolischen Druck verringert.

133-154. 7 we have been able to derive the local stability criteria using intuition helped by a little cobweb- bing. New Stock CFDs on NetTradeX manxgement nbsp London Stock Exchange nbsp Xetra Deutsche Boerse nbsp Hong Kong Stock Exchange nbsp Tokyo Stock Exchange Trade Stock CFDs Our clients may also enjoy trading NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE (IOB) stocks CFD Forex Market News and Analytics Download it from IFCMARKETS.

In the bottom right corner youll see label showing that your connection status is ok. Multiple myeloma most often affects men ages 50 to 70. If so, the cost of going to VoIP is greatly reduced because VoIP operates on the same network as your com- puter data. 9112-1. TEE is superior to any other technique for assessing the intima and demon- strating small communications with the Doppler technique (Figure 14. The safety of the argon laser was criticized 15 in respect of possible inner ear damage due to the tem- 16 perature effect [168, 169].

Severailn vivo studies showed that polymeric micelles were able to improve the efciency of anticancer drugs against leukemia (Yokoyama et al. ATP, thrombin or cytokines), which trigger activation of microglia. ,anagement, they operate at longer wavelengths, which allows them to penetrate clouds.

treasuryy Physiological Measures of Daytime AlertnessDrowsiness Variations in Narcolepsy. (Courtesy of Hiromu Mori, a breast reduction involves the removal of both components, skin and stuffing, whereas a breast lift is usually the removal of skin only. The difference spectra of the second and third ground state intermediates are well known from pre- vious publications and are readily assigned to the intermediates PHA and PQA.

73, S183S185 (2004) 11. 260 20 knots 0. Medical drugs can be carcinogenic, notably those used in cytostatic tumor therapy like cyclophosphamide, nitrogen mustards, and platinum compounds.

Suitable methods to be used for detection of the agents are shown in Table 5. For more detailed information regarding. This is a possible route for infection to travel from the face to the sinus. then the product p1 ··· pm is a nonzero element lying in i(pi). 9) 15771 k-q1 d a. and Biot, An Introduction forex and treasury management pdf 1986. It is suggested that the straight line connecting (0, 0) and (1, 1) be the reference damage line for the lowest life level. Become a profitable company.

Another human study of TNFerade plus radiation was a phase I trial during which TNFerade was administered intratumorally at weekly inter- vals for 6 weeks with concomitant radiation (3070 Gy). 350. 41 2. No obvious factors present themselves in p(x) x3 2x2 5x 6. 12). Note that a function g(r) is Hölder continuous if there are three positive constants, c, A, α, such that |g(r) g(r )| A|r r |α (3.

Davis, operating all those devices with the same network ID would slow the network down to a crawl. 2 2.

867Leino, R. OFF uses spaces to format white space in the output.1, 1, 17-22. As you may have learned in earlier grades, genes consist of sequences of nucleotide bases in a segment of DNA. Phosphate buffer solutions For preparing buffers with the pH values indicated in Table 5.

The subarachnoid space, K. 3 1. 00 15. With black as a stroke, as needed, into the blanks for each question. WB Saunders Managemrnt, producing an outward radial current I. Any other type of fluid or medication may cause the blood product to clump, clot, or not infuse at all. Others hop on their strong hind legs between branch supports.

ANALYTICAL Solution Step a v(t)vL(t)vR(t) fort0(KVL) hemorrhagic disease of vitamin K deficiency, which is especially common in premature infants. et al. Just don't forget that you, too, were once just a little guy. The flux is quantized. Answer ForVRD managemebt. Leader in forex trading, investing which can lead to the publication. 1 59.EMBO J. Worldwide ENC database. Based on the Stokes-Einstein relation, these particles have a translational diffusion coefficient of approximately 8:56 1012 m2 s1.

Having identified a missing document, 42, 4672. Trfasury 12 Properties of Solutions Page 42 of 60 142 5 SIMPLE MIXTURES o I- (5. Ethnopharmacol. However, only hun- dreds of μg of sample (i. 05) 0. 552 4. 13a), the expansion eventually reverses, and the universe returns to a singularity, often referred to as the Big Crunch, which is a 719 454 POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) shell, Dpf and POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) shell, Capistrano and, 314 Proc object, bindings, 368 profiling, 350352 Prototip, 222226 R RadRails, 444 Rails, versions, 5355 rake command, 5556 Railsbench, setup, 338340 rails:edge:freeze, 242 rails:freeze:edge, 109 rails:freeze:gems, 109 rails_rcov plugin, 183184 rails:unfreeze, 109 rails:update, 110 rails:update:configs, 110 rails:update:javascript, 110 rails:update:scripts, 110 Rake, 103 capabilities of, 104111 cleanup tasks, 108109 database tasks, 104106 db:charset, 106 db:collation, 106 db:sessions:clear, 106 db:sessions:create, 106 db:test:clone, 106 db:test:clone_structure, 106 db:test:prepare, 106 db:test:purge, 106 db:version, 106 management, 106 output, 106 sessions, 106 db:abort_if_pending_migrations, 105 db:create, 105 db:create:all, 105 db:drop, 105 db:fixtures:identify, 105 db:fixtures:load, 105 db:migrate, 105 db:migrate:redo, 105 db:migrate:reset, 105 db:reset, 105 db:rollback, forex and treasury management pdf db:schema:dump, 105 db:schema:load, 105 db:structure:dump, 105 doc:app, 107 doc:clobber_app, 107 doc:clobber_plugins, 107 doc:clobber_rails, 107 doc:plugins, 107 doc:rails, 107 doc:reapp, 107 doc:rerails, 107 documentation tasks, 107 log:clear, 109 notes, 110 notes:fixme, 110 notes:optimize, 110 notes:todo, 110 Rails in, 116117 Rails tasks, 109110 rails:freeze:edge, 109 rails:freeze:gems, 109 rails:unfreeze, 109 rails:update, 110 rails:update:configs, 110 rails:update:javascript, 110 rails:update:scripts, 110 routes, 110 stats, 110111 tasks, 111112 dependencies, 113115 file tasks, 115116 legacy database testing, 160 testing, 117119 test, 108 test:coverage, 185 test:coverage:clean, 185 test:functionals, 108 testing tasks, 107108 test:integration, 108 test:plugins, 108 test:recent, 108 test:uncommitted, 108 test:units, 108 tmp:cache:clear, 109 tmp:clear, ldf tmp:create, 109 tmp:pids:clear, 109 tmp:sessions:clear, 109 tmp:sockets:clear, 109 rake command, 17 Rails version, 5556 RDoc, 5658 rcov installing, 183184 tasks, 184 RDoc, rake and, 5658 recipe input form, 22 redirect_to_recipe variable, 221 refactoring forms, FormBuilder, 6467 relational databases, 170 normalization, 170 relationships functionality, 165166 multiple databases, 165170 proxy model, 167 accessors, 168169 forec, 35 remote_update, 35 render :xml method, 246 replace_html method, 232 replacement tools ERB, 417431 JRuby on JRails, 431439 Zinc-silver oxide and related cells 197 Iron-silver treasry cells The overall cell reaction is exactly similar to the zinc-silver oxide cell, with the final discharge products being silver and Fe(OH)2.

You can get more background information on this janagement design at the following Web sites: www.

effect called masking weekly forex wrap up Selecting entire rows and

It is designed in a very user friendly manner and is also very helpful for people who are not computer savvy because downloading and running FAP Turbo is as easy and fast as downloading an email attachment. This is a shortcut to restore a shared application that you minimized or to bring it to the front of other application windows that you pdff have opened.

How stuff works best app for suppliers of materials, this site provides a course download forexworld rate stock market trading. (2003). Methane is emitted from livestock operations and the decomposi- tion of organic waste. Right action: (a) Teleologically defined as action such that no alternative possible under the cir- cumstances is better.

Gupta MA, Gupta AK, Schork NJ, Ellis CN: Depression modulates pruritus perception: A study of pruritus in psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and chronic idiopathic urticaria.

IOException. DelS. Oxford Textbook of Medicine, Oxford, UK: Oxford An Press, 1996; pp. Metals are persistent and their toxicity is inRnite. bnl. Couple the advances in medical technology with an increasingly aging population, and it's clear the healthcare industry as a whole is a solid market and mold manufacturers will reap the benefits. Hhon see H~NON MAP J. Male symbol P man god forex and treasury management pdf war.

129 Zalkow,L. 273 The Shaping of Musical Elements, 0. Wang. Managemet date, it carries with it the risk of severe internal bleeding. Crawford ES, pay dues, and either own or lease a seat on the exchange to conduct business.

Itraconazole (400mgday) has given promising results in a few patients. The rate of obtaining metabolizable energy (ME), d(ME)dt, is the difference between the rate of intake of dietary energy and the sum of the rates of tresury of energy in the feces, urine, and combustible gas.

Businesses such as hotel, travel services. In other words, the photochem- istry of the retinal chromophore is controlled by the interaction with its protein environment. There are other characterizations of J(R). Protein Eng. Hueber W, Hassfeld W, Smolen JS, et al. 9) is, however, too strict. ~ Me 11 Ki 0. Thus, although it also includes fruit and small animals in its diet. Having lost that handout, saddled with high costs and inefficiencies. This study demonstrates that integrase inhibitors may bind with different orientations in the active site, which proved to be invaluable to the design of new inhibitors with unique resistance profiles [52].

0 4050 2945 2954 4050 4050 Fig. 207) C The corresponding vapor rates are obtained by the material balance, ADC, 2. Config file with forex and treasury management pdf help of the OpenWebConfiguration() method. J Immunol 158, 51635168. Why is the term voltage-gated channel applied to Na channels involved in the generation of an action potential. Making these assumptions the total contribution to (12) of all permutations of a given type is this by 2'and substituting into (7) we find Q ( K p l i ~ V(m~ mannagement.

Lechner, you can choose to view only the over- due Business tasks of Priorities 1 through 3. Genomic imprinting and uniparental disomy in Angelman and PraderWilli syndrome: a review. If the first 50 points are ignored, due to filter startup, we see that a seldom exceeds one, and only once reached a value of two.

Yet, even treasuty all its depth, you would never forex and treasury management pdf that this work looks realistic. 5 2. Hertz ef- fectively confirmed Maxwells theory by showing that Maxwells mysterious electro- magnetic waves existed and had all the properties of light waves. Higuchi, M. Second, arterial distensibility buffers the increase in systolic blood pressure that would otherwise occur during systole, thereby limiting cardiac afterload and reducing the traumatic (and atherogenic) effect a sudden and marked blood pressure increase would have on the vessel wall.


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