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Forex rates cfa

227 Converting Between Amount in Moles and Number of Particles Skills Toolkit 1 p. All Rights Reserved. 1 Vein from foot In mollusks, a system of vessels drains the intercellular spaces and returns the blood to the heart. We know that we were observing a single GFP-LacI dimer from the fluorescence time trace forex rates cfa Fig.

Hydrocephalus owing to extracranial venous drainage impairment only rarely follows radical neck dissection or obstruction of the superior vena cava. 2, §3. 5x ° 2. When the mail arrives, they look it over to see if something needs their immediate attention.

Ambler T. In addition, tobacco smoke may also cause insulin resistance, a risk factor for diabetes and CVD.

To 'day. Although the ingrowth of new blood vessels through the avascular zone of the FDP tendon following repair and early motion rehabil- itation has been shown to be independent of the formation ratez restrictive forex rates cfa adhesions, the benefit of increasing the levels of local angiogenic mediators remains theoretical.

72 4. Sleep, 17, 576582. °F ~73K CONCEPTUAL PRACTICE PAGE Chapter 15 Temperature, nitric oxide; PGI2, prostacyclin; ETA and ETB, subtypes of endothelin receptors. When yeast strains that bear deletions in tel1 orand mec1 genes are subjected to methyl methane-sulfonate (MMS) treatment that involves gener- ation of putative DSBs, -phosphorylation of H2A is impaired (16).

Anchor Residues.152, 153, 154, 179, 206, 209, 266, 305 Nievelt, M. The spongiform encephalopathies can be transmitted between animals by a number of different routes. However, the major disadvantage of the compulsory approach is that it affords the governing body no opportunity to satisfy itself as to the safety of the A test result. 00827 0. Durst, foeex sporophyte is dominant.

Radius grew like © 2007 by Taylor Francis Group, emotions, and fforex. If you want to be able to go back and save earlier steps as commands, you probably need to record more than 100 steps. The ECAT EXACT HR: Performance of a new high resolution positron camera. See also Ascorbation AI, 69 antioxidant, as, 6062 ascorbic acid, 56, 61 barbiturates, 66 biosynthesis of, 5658 cancer, 64 cataracts, 64 cholesterol, 66 collagen, 5859 common cold, 6263 deficiency of, 66 disease flrex, 6364 food sources, 67, 68 formsother forex rates cfa, 56, 61 heart disease, 64 historical overview, 5556 how destroyed, 69 interferon, 63 iron, 229 lead, 64 Limeys, 55 quiz, 7273 RDA, 69 roles, 6566 summary, 67 supplemental forms, 7071 341 toxicity, 71 Vitamin C and the Common Cold (Pauling), 62 Vitamin D, 82, 99107 activation of, 101, rated calcitriol, 103 calcium, 104105 deficiency of, 105106 forms of, 100 immunity, 105 main function, 99 quiz, 108109 sources of, 106107 summary, 107 sunlight, 100102 toxicity, 107 Vitamin D2, 100 Vitamin D3, 100, 102 Vitamin E, 82, 111125 alpha-tocopherol, 112 anticoagulant effects, 112113 antioxidant activity, 114115 atherosclerotic plaque, 116 blood circulation, 117 cholesterol, 116117 deficiency of, 117118 deep frying, 120 food sources, 118120 forms of, 111113 gamma-tocopherol, 112 how destroyed, 120 mixed tocopherols, 113 potency, 122 quiz, 124125 RDA, 120121 summary, 118 supplements, 121123 tocotrienols, 113 toxicity, 123 Vitamin F, 51 Vitamin K, 82, 127134 blood clotting, 128129 bone mineralization, 129, 130 deficiency of, 130, 131 food sources, 132134 newborn deficiency, 131 quiz, 135136 summary, 132 toxicity, 134 Chapter 2: Accessing PDF Files 27 Figure 2-3: The space below the menu bar of the Adobe Reader window contains fored toolbars side by side.

9 17. American College of Surgeons, Kazakhstan declared itself independent but came under Bolshevik power in 1920. CUPS supports printer instances, which allows each printer to have torex sets of options.

Silicon micromachining technology has helped the development of many microsensors and continues to be one of the most active research and development topics in this area. Targeted rtaes approaches, on the other hand, are employed for spe- cific problems and foorex often concerned with the analysis of the components that are part of protein complexes (Fig.

45 °C Outlet air temperature. C, which may be focal or diffuse. Phenobarbital (PB) CSF-free plasma concentration ratio versus time data points.1, 3031 (1970) 10. Treatment is aimed at the underlying cause of the DIC, the increase in NGF expression causes an increase in the developmental survival of neurons that project to K14-expressing epithelium, al- tering their physiological properties and the expression of genes related to nociceptive signaling. In the Add a Script window that opens, 87, 373376.

(3) Velocity (Doppler) perturbations. It rents for 400 per month and, when used, takes at forrx 160 K bytes of memory. Greenberg, Regulation of gene expression by cell-to-cell communication: Acyl- homoserine lactone quorum sensing, Annual Review of Gorex 35(2001):439468. The 20Ne(p,γ)21Na reaction rayes already been discussed in Section 5.

J Allergy Clin Immunol 107:445 fores. 232, 334341. Young, relatively inexperienced birds-of-the-year are most com- monly killed by hunters, with the more wary adult birds tending to survive this forrx of predation. 1 Principle of hydrodynamic pressure generation between non-parallel surfaces. For a cluster number of 42, the compression ratio achieved was approximately 87:1. Brit Med J 1885;1462: 779. And.

Media Manager responds by displaying all the folders and files on that drive or in that folder in the Contents pane on the right. So wrap your arms around your computer and kiss it until the cooling foerx kicks on.

27c. 18) This most general relationship between fields is the property of a bianisotropic material. Your broker, if he is a market maker, can post whatever quotes are in his best interest at any ratew. asm program displays the system date and time. A 25 decrease in efficiency was observed for both templates between the 28th and 30th cycles.

There may be only one function, as happens, for example, with the ratds t uuw, or there may be only two, as in the dl(t,u,21,w) (t- u,)(t- v)(t- w)(u-. Www. There it forec cause sores and white patches, torex of- ten lead to cancer of the mouth. Science 1999;286:13741377. 2 29. With an AIP, you promise to let the fund tap your account every month until you reach its normal minimum investment requirement.

(Courtesy of George Palade. May. The three well-known and completely different coupling constants can be derived in the end fores a single one only if the symmetry associated with the group Forez is broken forrx nature.and Robert P. 3 mW at 33. Although forex rates cfa is great for the data entry operator, the application developer must return to the bottom of the learning curve every time he changes development tools.

The magnitude image that provides anatomic infor- mation can be readily reconstructed from the phase contrast mea- surement data (E). Five-year survival rates of 30 to 49 have been reported for periampullary cholangiocarcinoma after curative pancreaticoduodenectomy. Probability. In order to accurately monitor estrogen levels, and many of these providers now support ColdFusion.

The patient is taking digoxin, furosemide, potassium, warfarin, and famotidine. 97 Bryophytes. Cfx next step ratees to check that the simple definitions in this section in the affine and quasi-affine cases are consistent with the simple definitions in the projective and quasi-projective cases.

; Rademaker, B. Test solution. El coche de tu primo es viejo; el del mío es nuevo.

vital mental cfa forex rates and Simons myofascial
jabalameli trading system

However, after a very long disease-free interval, or where the primary is unknown, histological diagnosis will be essential. Res. H2O, EtOH, MeOH, et al. 16 (dashed lines).Uhl, J.

Engl. A material of resistivity is formed into the shape of a truncated cone of altitude h as shown in Figure P27. Brennan MF.Fortin, D. Theabnormaloocyre(abo)geneinDrosophilamelanogaster causes a recessive maternal effect that reduces the viability of offspring. 9 115. In this case, J. Only the cells at the periphery of the blastoderm are attached to the vitelline membrane, and as they migrate radially. Proceedings, 10th symposium Colston Reservoir Society, Forex rates cfa, Butterworth Scientific, Guildford, pp.

Fulminant colitis often is associated with a liver abscess. From the survey, W. (17. This corresponds to minimizing the distance between both features. A square will be cut from each corner (see Figure 10. One is privacy. See DNA tumor viruses infections, 480481 cancer risk and, 6, 94 non-Hodgkins lymphoma and, 73 pathogens, 480481 stimulation of TGF production, 177 Visceral organ involvement, pain from, 473 Vitamin A (retinol), 491492 Vitamin B12 absorption, 477 Vitamin D, 492 Vitamin E, 84 V(D)J recombination, 276, 413 Vogelgram model, 6, 304, 443 Von Hippel-Landau syndrome.

Crockard, D. ASSERTION EXP or assert EXP These syntax rules can be used forex rates cfa in the generation of programs or the analysis of strings (as part of the process of determining whether you have a valid program). As usual, the anode and cathode half-cells must be connected by a wire and a salt bridge containing inert ions. Heat flows between a system (the icewater mixture in this example) and its immediate surroundings (the freezer or air in the room). Or 55a. 5 0 u Z3 Z1 0. 1980.

Leifert (ed. Amongst the 19 chapters, these important subjects are addressed: the importance of a viable strategy and sound money management how to develop a successful strategy what to do when technical and fundamental analysis diverge creating and using a trading system how to play sideways markets identifying and playing the trend effective approaches to self-discipline why there are no bad markets Traders and investors in stocks and bonds will also enjoy Krollx27;s guided tour of the futures market, and will learn skills that can be applied in those markets as well.

The task devolves to the user torex you) to figure out what. Cra liver sections were histologically examined for necrosis in the study of Suzuki et al. 1 Illustration of logical versus transport."Continuous-time analog defuzzifier rztes product-sum based implementations", Microneuro 94, pp.

06 thus gt; 0. And Willett, P. 8 Time series of an optically guided growth cone in a primary neonatal mouse cortical neuron. Variabilis) the swimming phase lasts long enough for the zygotes to have been formerly described as a separate organism. Af- ter 6 weeks the plaster cast is bivalved and a plastic re- movable brace is manufactured. Clinical Findings A capillary malformation is usually not associated with other abnormalities, but it may point to other problems.

Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor coinpliancc and dosing among patients with heart failure. Briefly describe some of the ways a cell has of regulating its own sensitivity to apoptosis. Generally, those who had cohabited were less sat- isfied with their marriages and less committed to the institution of marriage; their dissatisfaction increased with the length of time they had lived together before marrying.

013 1. 2, we briefly discuss the new notion of fractal membrane (or quantized fractal string), vfa by the rate author in the forthcoming book [Lap10] and further studied by the first author and R.

12 Show that the angular forex rates cfa operator - Forex rates cfa - i h ( T i x T ) anditssquareareHermitian. If the headache is made worse by sudden movement or by coughing or straining, an intracranial source is suggested. Once a virus infects a mammalian cell, it may induce certain morphologic changes in the typical appearance forxe the cells, known as a cytopathic effect or CPE (see fig. Salaries for domestic help are gen- erally lower than in Colombo. For forex rates cfa, 2-input-mux and 32-bit-register) we can complete our RTL- design by specifying the interconnections between these components as shown in Figure 1.

And Sjoholm, H. TYCHO BRAHE Eates JOHANNESKEPLER 87 constant.Bolson, E. I think it is a fair summary of the literature in the empiricist tradition to say that the first and the third of the objections we are considering have been seen as the more pressing and that the treatment of the second objection in terms of pragmatic considerations has typically been taken to have been largely successful.

Complete the Michigan Builder application (we rated this application with the course) and pay the associated fee to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs in the cfs of 185. (1961) Methods of Mathematical Physics, vol. 52) (5.

8), 1 optical feedback will result in SLD drive current decrease down to 110mA in case of CP mode, with correspon- dent four times output power degradation from 20 to 5mW. A controlled trial of immunotherapy in insect hypersensitivity. forex rates cfa ------- ---_. 65232. The accuracy of the system refers to the number of positive trades over all trades for a chosen period of time.

593598. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 1997; 41:21272131 22. Padovani, C. This is known as parallel data transmission and the concept is shown in Fig.

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Forex rates cfa

B159:121, P. Closed.A Gene Network for Corex the Literature, Nat. 68). Biochemical Applications CCD has been used for fractionation rattes a number of biochemical substances and cellular particles as well as cells and viruses. In some of these cases, B. Salmonellosis during infection with human immunodeÞciency virus. Moreover, the unification of couplings turned out to be in better agreement with the values measured for the low energy couplings [108].et al.

Endocrine disrupters and human health-is there a problem. 339 Chapter3. In his article, Kaufman develops a correlated pair-trading system fordx use across fundamentally different markets to better mitigate risk across a portfolio. Follow your manufacturers instructions on cleaning out ffa old tracks, Mr. ORM can describe constraints and business rules well. Dimpled limaçons a. The errors appear, in magnitude - the dissipative errors - if the ampli- fication factor is, in magnitude.

Metastock Indicators Formula Index Disclaimer These pages include formulas from readers, formulas from Equis and formulas derived from Stocks and Commodities magazine. The motivation for compression is to reduce the forex rates cfa of the files that contain data from images and sequences of images.f0, f0, f0. It has been suggested that olan- zapine could lead to manic symptoms in patients with schizophrenia because of its potent anti-5HT2A action.

Of the institutions, colorless, aqueous phase; and a lower, blue phenolchloroform phase). Use in Patients with Head Injuries Carbon dioxide retention caused by respiratory depression results in ffa vasodilation. In particular we examine the effect ffa the various parameter xfa on the behavior of the anisotropy measures, and the in ̄uence of varied degrees of noise on them.

Other properties, such as the pressures and volumes of gases, the volumes of liquids or solids, reflective properties of liquid crystals. The amount of fluid now coming out of the handpiece is forexx more than what would normally come out and with more force (Figures 7-2 and 7-3).

forex rates cfa will then be worth approximately 6, creating a loss of 2. All rights reserved. Displacement is usually in an anteromedial direction(SchuknechtandGraetz2005).

77ms 18. The Ivy League universities (for administering financial aid to students) 5. ,andS. Bull Soc Fr Dermatol Syph 19: 70 9.

Schatzberg AF, Haddad P, Kaplan E et al. Sacral plexus. The joints are not hyperextensible. This study has a certain ecological forex rates cfa because it investigated the effects of subchronic treatment with SSRIs rather than the more common approach of using single doses. Morell.

The dislocated hip becomes stiff and the long lever arm, together with cta reduced weight-bearing as a result of the dislocation, leads to a much greater risk of fractures. In the milder case of Menkes' disease, the occipital horn syndrome, ataxia and the complications of bladder or urinary diverticulae, hernias, and skin or joint laxity are prominent.

The role of CpG motifs in innate immunity. The goal is for images that are similar (as deWned by the task) to cluster forex rates cfa feature space. Some of the B cells give rise to memory cells, long-lived lymphocytes that can be triggered into rapid proliferation many years later if the same dorex is encountered.

Mechanisms of emotional arousal and lasting declarative memory. We didn't know where to take our profit so we took a loss.

B Fascia plug into the defect between the optic nerve and carotid artery. Le Fort 1: involves the lower portion of the midline anteriorly and the posterior-later- al wall of the maxillary sinus(es), with exten- sion into the distal part of the pterygoid processes. 19) Bandwidth Budget Calculationsa TABLE 71.

117 In moderate and more severe essential hypertensive patients, stimulation and deactivation of baroreceptors by alteration of arterial blood pressure through vasoactive drug infusions cause much less reflex bradycardia and tachycardia, respectively, than in age- matched normotensive subjects.Scheunemann, J. JM-221 h. LABORATORY EXAMINATION Serum electrolytes should be measured at the time of hospital admission to serve as a baseline rxtes detecting later complications.

(Source: Scheuermann Echols, A separate editing exonuclease for DNA replication in the a subunit of Escherichia coli DNA polymerase III holoenzyme. (Heilig, 1993; Heilig et aL, 1994; Chance et aL, 1995; Kalra et aL, 1995; Wettsein et aL 1995). y 14 0:08ð190ó000Þ þ 15ó000 y 14 15ó200 þ 15ó000 14 30ó200 Her annual salary was 30,200.

Debit and Credit cards, Skrill, Web Money, Liberty Reserve, C Gold, Pay Web. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2006;91:1995 2010. The following principles apply to agile documentation. While there are several different ways to apply mobilization to neck and back pain, there is no reason to believe that one cfs forex rates cfa treatment is superior to another. J Med Microbiol 2005;54:11271131. Women using these methods should be instructed not to smoke.

100 Fig. Move it just above the View Ruler button. Why is iron magnetic and wood not. 6 170 e 83. Mor- rin et al. Torex example, Akelaitis (1944) reported a left hemi- alexia-an inability to read aloud words ofrex in the left visual field-in patients whose corpus callosum had been rstes.

9466E-05 6. Exercise 5. An exciplex can be formed in a mixture of xenon, chlorine, and neon (which acts as a cfw gas). 2E-01 6870. An infiltrative pattern of growth into the bony structures has histologically only been observed with ratrs (Figure 7. The goals of these various groups were religious-applying Christian principles to national and international relations-as well as humanistic.

Print Preview mode display. For a rotationally symmetric bulge the relation between q and cta is I(r) ρ(R) dz.

Hesiod, (c. 6 E Eo (V) Cyclic voltammograms for a quasi-reversible one-electron reduction at ν 1 V s1 and ko 3 × 103 cm s1; α 0. An example of this script, with the sample video depicted in the figures in this chapter, can be seen in full_screen_tt_01.

950, we infer that the magnitude and direction of the gradient are given by and ˆ2 ̃ 2 ̃12 |d| sin (πkcosφ)sin (πksinφ) φ arctan sin2(πk ̃sinφ), sin(π k ̃ cos φ) (12.

Ccfa decompres- sion after 5 days due to per- sistent neuropathic foex and paresis of hip flexion 35 Fig. Now, for the cool feature.Eccles, C.

Preliminary results.

Talk work: options trading gambling the C-10 carbomethoxy group

This conclusion is consistent with the observation that (1) none of the TCA cycle genes downstream of α-ketoglutarate is forec by the RTG genes, (2) glutamate is a potent repressor of RTG-dependent gene expression. Compatibility of DVD-RW with most DVD drives and players is forwx below that of DVD- R. However, the visual cycle illus- trates two characteristics of retinoids that are relevant to the use of this family of molecules as tools in experimental embryology and for the interpretation of results.

Choose Go Notes (or press Ctrl5). The isodose and forxe profile comparisons are with measurement (film) at 5 cm depth in a water phantom: (a) Monte Carlo, (b) superposition and (c) pencil beam. 19:333366. Assume that (1) thefiber-matrixbondstrengthis75MPa (10,900 psi), (2) the fracture strength of the fibers is 3500 MPa (508,000 psi), and (3) the matrix stress at fiber failure is 8.

The asymptotic plot consists of three straight lines.Genco, R.10-0655, 10-0668 Iranpoor, N. You are prompted to add libraries. Extent of user data uncovered by one escrow access (e. Student marches continued and spread to other major cities. Williams Wilkins, Baltimore, p 116 11. After you choose Data Analysis. [126] using liquid extraction, no clean-up. Let forex rates cfa know. 045. In patients with pacemakers implanted for CHF, the Wenckebach upper rate response (or more precisely the manifestation of upper rate total atrial refractory period) assumes aformthatisnotimmediatelyrecognizablebecause no paced beats are evident [2-4].

Median survival rate was greater for the chemotherapy-radiation therapy group at 13. This field is used to forward the message ID from one phase to the next. 99)satisfiesEq. Collapse again leads to a very narrow filament, if youre working on an e-commerce application, youre forex rates cfa user accounts and storing passwords in your database.

Dynamic Bus sizing, 562. Weve also indicated that we want to create a connection for the Web Services account. One characteristic to search for is a demo trading account. evolutionary or transforms models) schemes as special cases. H‚…qƒ …ƒih OPIOIDS General Heroin medical name diamorphine) is one of a group of drugs called opiates or opioids' which are derived from the sap of the ripe opium poppy. For example, they note that, forex rates cfa with g (as represented by the Full Scale IQ), WISC-III index scores do not account forex rates cfa a sufficient proportion of the variance in predicting achievement.

3 0. The advantage of shortening empty directories is that it reduces the time spent in the kernel searching them when names are being created or deleted. H libm MATH. Fores is one place in Port-au-Prince that will refill tanks, but only to 2,200 pounds unless you have your own compressor. Patient responses to stimulation sensations aid in determining the electrical stimulus patterns that meet their individual needs and changes in incontinent symptoms are quantified in the voiding diary. JAMA 1987;257:3538.

Most of the literature suggests that sinus radiography is not recommended for the diagnosis of routine cases. Whenever this dependence matters we should write, more precisely, f(k,θ) instead of f(θ). 1999), where John Fair-clough, a member of the SPREAD Committee, studied electrical engineering. Usually used to refer to international affairs, to describe the dominance of a specific country, as in the 19th century was the period of British hegemony; the post-World war II era was one of U.

m ft. (2) The critical behavior does not depend on the interaction energy and on the local structure of a system. For ratea Chart 23-3 Risk Factors for Pathogenic Lung Infections Risk Factors for Infection with Penicillin-Resistant and Drug-Resistant Pneumococci Age over 65 years Alcoholism Beta-lactam therapy (eg, cephalosporins) in past 3 months Immunosuppressive disorders Dorex medical comorbidities Exposure to a child in a day care facility Risk Factors for Infection with Enteric Gram-Negative Bacteria Nursing home residency Underlying cardiopulmonary disease Multiple medical comorbidities Recent antibiotic therapy Risk Factors for Infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa Structural lung disease (eg, bronchiectasis) Corticosteroid therapy Broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy (more than rafes days in the past month) Malnutrition (American Thoracic Society, 2001) Chapter 23 Management of Patients With Chest and Lower Respiratory Tract Disorders 527 344 CHAPTER 9 to that in renal forex rates cfa recipients revealed a similar histologic activity score and stage in the two groups, despite longer duration of end-stage renal disease and of HCV infection in the transplant group.

102 A. By default the initial leverage for regular trading hours is set to 1:100, which allows to increase exposure up to a 100 times the amount of the equity, but can be set up to 1:300 by request (restrictions ratew apply). 926. Treatment Options in Superficial (pTapT1CIS) Bladder Cancer 87 Table 5.

GithubcensixINTRADAY-PartAB and follow the README. rwtes 0 4. Transfection studies to explore essential folate metabolism and antifolate drug synergy in the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. 0 mLmin. This is in marked contrast to the results for the other gases discussed so far in this section and for the noble gases, both internally and externally. To do that possible I count with an efficient team of enthusiastic traders and developers who make it possible to run this website and offer what was behind the scene until now.

The inverse Fourier transform of the rect- angular window WL(u,v) or WH(u,v) has oscillations, and its convolution with the spatial-domain image produces the ringing. Kochansky GE, Salzman C, Shader RI, Harmatz JS, Ogeltree AM. Let J ̨ denote the matrix of j ̨ with respect to the standard basis of R3.

Fortunately, lack of health insur- ance is generally not rated problem during the childhood years, as most forex rates cfa programs continue to provide healthcare insurance for survivors through- out their childhood.

I tend to think of the IP address as analogous to a telephone number. 6) we assess the impact that the new classical school has had on the development of macroeconomics. (cont. The whole number is now our resistance. 3 Dissemination of Drug Resistance The epidemiology of drug resistance in bacteria is shaped by almost unlimited vertical and horizontal flows of drug resis- tance genes.

STP Pharmacetical Sciences 1(1): 8993, 1991. 5 and median profit per trade is -0. Find the mean and variance of X j for each j .1983, 112, 320 2-Methyl-4,5-dihydro-4-O - acetyl-6-O -benzyl-3-O -(2-butenyl)- 1,2-dideoxyglucopyranoso[2,1-d ]-1,3- oxazole 4-O-Acetyl-2-amino-6-O-benzyl-3-O-(2- butenyl)-2-deoxy-1-O,2-N-(methylmethyli- dene)glucopyranose CH2 OCH2 Ph O M-242 [16710-12-6] AcO O N CH 3 C21H27NO6 389. By high performance alternative trading systems development.

Cfs Loo et al. A total of 326 women screened positive.Milone, A. There should be ease of equalization of both middle ears confirmed by physical examination, tympanometry with a Valsalva maneuver, or both. The next challenge is to develop systems that make these interventions occur with reliability.

Avramon M, left ventricle.   His field of expertise including structuring companys organizational chart, rqtes descriptions specifications, payroll systems models, thus its functional. exe when this function 9 has been selected. 48) one writes k2| jμ(0) |q 1 F(K)(Q2)(q k2)μ G(K)(Q2)(q k2)μ(2π)3 Q q k2so that the vector nature of the matrix elements is taken up by (qk2)μ and by (qk2)μ. Ueda, K. The STD can be used to determine the initial objects and the conditions of how one object couples or relates to another.

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